Polypave Limited ("Polypave") holds the Trademark, IP and exclusive license to manufacture, market, sell, distribute and apply the Polypave line of products globally.

Polypave is the original, innovative non-toxic liquid additive to the soil stabilization sector of the road building industry, brought completely up to date with latest technological improvements.  

Polypave evolved from compounds successfully proven for over a decade in Australia, Asia and Europe.  

The Cement Soil Stabilization sector of the road building and hard-stand industry is mature, using sophisticated machinery and stabilizing agents to mix in-situ soil, cement powder, Polypave and water.  

In solution with water, Polypave uniquely bonds the molecules of in-situ soil, cement and aggregate into a solid yet flexible waterproof polymer which ‘floats’ on sub-grade and sub-base with superior compression & tensile strength. (CB Ratio +/- 250).  

Polypave reacts with cement powder to create an exothermic (heat) chemical reaction curing within +/- 3 hours.  

Traffic may be re-introduced immediately upon completion of roll-out.  

Co-efficient of friction is significantly higher than asphalt, resulting in a smooth ride and safe stopping power.  

Polypave roads, pathways, pavements, parking areas, docks, and wharves are impervious to water penetration from rain, flood and capillary action from ground water.

Polypave roads do not endure expansion and contraction during freeze and thaw cycles, which is the bane of road building in extreme climates. 

Polypave is inert and unaffected by temperature range from 60 above to 60 below zero Celsius.  

Polypave can be applied in light rain events and near freezing weather thus increasing the build season by several weeks per year.  

Polypave virtually eliminates quarry, transport, and compaction of heavy rock, stone, gravel and fines, dramatically reducing material and labor costs, and environmental impact versus conventional road construction, with low to NO maintenance required.  

Polypave carries NO United Nations ‘hazardous chemical’ number, requires no special label, safety equipment, nor special handling by personnel.  

** Material Safety Data Sheet accompanies each batch.  

Polypave enjoys registered Trademark and IP status.  

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